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Industry Leader Insight

This two-part webinar series gathers some of the industry's leading minds to sit down with you and share their actionable insight to turn your business into a profit-producing machine. From the same legal advice used by the big-box retailers and $100 million contractors to the most up to date data on Inflation, labor availability, supply chain, materials, pricing, and homeowner behavior, these industry minds will be gathering to not only provide you with the answers to succeed but answering your questions in open Q&A’s!

Event Schedule

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, March 22, 2022  •  2pm Est

Be Aware & Prepare: Legal and Industry Insight for 2022

Join the industry's leading law firm and chief economist from Angi’s to discuss the real-world risks to the remodeling contractor in 2022 and how to avoid them.  Why do so many contractors find success in lead generation and sales, only to go out of business a year later? Understand where advice from consultants causes more harm than good – and why.  Learn how to build, protect and defend your specialty remodeling operations in 2022. The ultimate goal?  Keep the money you make and avoid the legal nightmares that can take out your business.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022  •  2pm Est

Home Owner Insight: Building the Modern Remodeling Experience

Homeowners' buying habits have changed, they've become accustomed to a modern sales experience, combined with new tools and sales techniques, such as digital and social selling to receive their desired product. These industry experts dive into how and where homeowners are buying, replicating the modern buyer experience, best practices in engaging with the homeowner and so much more.

Event Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Kevin Geiger
Tim Musch
Mischa Fisher
Angi Inc.
Ryan Shantz
Grant Farnsworth
The Farnsworth Group
D.S. Berenson
Berenson, LLP
... and many more industry experts!

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